Politics & Current Affairs was created on the 4th January 2003 on the EZBoard Network.  Many political forums encountered on the net up to this point sided with a particular set of political ideals - whether it be skewed to the right, the middle or the left. This is still unfortunately more the norm rather than the exception.  Politics & Current Affairs Forum mission is to allow dissenting viewpoints to be heard. We rarely ban, censor or edit posters and if we do, it is for serious breach of the posting guidelines we have. The Politics Forum and indeed this website, set up on the back of the forum's success has no political orientation. The members can make up their own mind, Politics & Current Affairs just provides an open platform for all.

In our 8th year online, Politics and Current Affairs membership have generated over half a million posts on the current forum, archive p & ca forum and old EzBoard Forum which hosted the site from Jan 03 - March 04. With a diverse and intelligent membership made up from members hailing from across the world, P & CA has outlasted many forums in the same field of current affairs and political discussion. This is primarily down to our tolerance and welcoming of all viewpoints. Inherent to this, is our belief that  all the registered members of P & CA are equal. We believe in arguing our points of view and not attacking the poster.